Cuong Huynh

System Operation - Devops


System engineer and devops. 5 years experience with linux system and cloud infrastructure. I build - migration and operate hight performence system. Design a high ability production environment for onpremise or cloud env or both and keep them stable over the time. Building and monitoring kind of languages like nodejs, java, golang, python, C etc…, Monitoring request, resource usage and making alert when needed

Work Experience

System engineer & Devops

Smart net JSC ( SmartPay E-wallet), | 2020 - Present

Setup - optimize - monitoring viritual machine. Setup from scartch midleware: Rabbitmq, Redis, Elastic search, MongoDB and Mysql. Proxy nginx, haproxy, keepalived Design and apply automation build and deploy services to production env. ( using jenkins with pipline and custom bash script). Build k8s cluster , Migrate java service to k8s using jenkins Monitor all thing in prodution env with Grafana, Graylog, Kafka and make notification by Slack or Call by Stringee. Work with the security team to get PCI-DSS level 1 at SmartPay.

  • System administrator, System Operation, Database Administrator
  • Devops, Golang
  • Keepalive, nginx, waf, apache, haproxy, elastic search, graylog, influx, kafka, redis, rabbitmq, mysql, mongodb, grafana
  • Onpremise to cloud migration ( aws ). Cost optimize ( change using OnDemend ec2 to using autoscaling group ) cost saving about 50% with same number of request ). Setup and maintenance RDS, Amazonmq, Open search service, Setup and maintenace EKS, Design build image and deployment flow for service on EKS env
  • Network: Write bash script to monitoring connection from onpremise to aws in golang and sent message to graylog server , making alert using graylog event definition.

System engineer & Devops

Biglabs JSC - | 2017 - 2020

Deploy and maintain a private blockchain system ( MozoX project = ). Continuous deployment using Jenkins ( bash script). Maintenance and monitoring a large system in fintech. Design system ( dev - staging - production .Build a private blockchain system. Continuous deployment using Jenkins for java microservices, nodejs with docker. Work with the development team to investigate and troubleshoot issues.

  • System, Proxmox, Private blockchain
  • IT support, IT admin, Network admin

System admin - helpdesk

Synova Solutions | 2017

Design dev - staging - production system and deploy flow with jenkins. Build, mainteance, monitor virtual machine using proxmox


Smart Vi - Ewallet


Ewallet like momo, can find it on app store

Smart Shop - merchant Ewallet


Application for merchant management shop, transaction, pay for VAS like phone bill, electic bill, water bill,installment bill, school bill, etc...

Smart POS

Operation backend - whitelabel

Pos device and backend service for banks to sell the pos device for bank's merchant, all data and transacion will process at SmartPay and finally sent data to bank.

Mozo coin

An ICO project using mozo token base on ETH mainnet